Founded in 2013, Rainbowly was started on a core value of Quality. All the ingredients that go into our edible bouquets are imported and are of the highest qualities. What? Edible bouquets?
Yes! Despite being a fresh addition to the booming floral industry in Singapore, it is Rainbowly ’s specialisation in Fresh fruit bouquets and Chocolate dipped strawberries that distinguishes us. We are innovative pioneers who offer Fresh fruit bouquets so delectable, you would not bear to eat them...even though you actually can!

Curious as to how our buds first sprouted? Read on!

How did it all start?
Mia, founder of Rainbowly was pretty much a nervous wreck when the time came to meet her boyfriend ’s parents. Adding on to the pressure of wanting to impress them was the fact that
Mia’s boyfriend was sugar conscious - this meant that bringing heavy, sugar-laden desserts to dinner was not an option. Then came Mia’s lightbulb moment. She decided to put her burgeoning interests in designing and cooking together. So she came up with a healthy, edible fresh fruit bouquet that not only tasted delicious but also served as an elegant centrepiece on the dining table. Needless to say, Mia’s boyfriend’s parents did not need further convincing that she was a fantastic catch. That dinner also got Mia ’s creative juices running and eventually led to the launch of Rainbowly.

Mia's now a mother of a lovely baby girl and she have since pass on to role to a good friend of hers to continue to legancy, to make people's day!