Flower Bouquet - Pinky Wish Chocoberry


Flower Bouquet - Pinky Wish Chocoberry

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Fruit Flower Bouquet and Gift Delivery Singapore

Pinky Wish, our best seller, is a fabulous combination of beautiful flowers and our edible strawberry chocolate coated strawberries. There are approximately 12 berries, just enough for berry lovers! Want more berries? Just top up!

How does one convey one's affection towards the other? Not always with words, right? Also, some are just not good with words. That's when gifts come in handy. Rainbowly is an exceptionally brilliant gift store in Singapore and in fact, this is the place where you can actually find the best Flower bouquet Singapore. Also, it's well known for its service of flower delivery Singapore.

Gifts have certainly found a new dimension with Rainbowly and no one has ever thought that gifts could be so innovative. The idea of buying a gift for just a gift's sake in itself is such a lame idea. On the contrary, buying gifts can be a lot more exciting and enjoyable thing. However, there's no denying the fact that choice making is a difficult job and we often get locked away by this great difficulty.

On the other hand, it is equally important for stores to have excellent gift options to choose from both in terms of variety and quantity. The Store, Rainbowly has been to a large extent able to help people break out of the traditional outlook towards buying gifts. Interestingly, people have now started to get more creative and innovative about the gifts that they might need to buy and Rainbowly is consistently providing with increasing options.

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We do not use the brown paper wrapping paper as shown in the display picture anymore.

Color of roses might vary slightly due to season and availability. We will try to stick to pink to red roses as much as possible.
Please kindly make a booking at least 3 days in advance for any orders with flowers.

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